The earth’s atmosphere is composed of : Nitrogen – 78%, Oxygen – 21% and the remaining 1% make up the natural greenhouse gases having carbon(iv)oxide – 0.03%.

Before the Industrial Revolution,which began in the 1700s,the earths energy was at a state of equillibrium /stable temperature. This is when the amount of greenhouse gases in the air stayed the same and the rate of energy arriving from the sun was constant.

The Greenhouse gases namely Carbon(iv)oxide,Nitrous oxide,Methane,Water vapour etc prevent long wave radiation from leaving the planet,this warms the earth’s atmosphere making our planet habitable. The enhanced greenhouse effect has been attributed mainly to human activities that have led to a build up of extra greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The industrial revolution brought new industrial processes that led to an increase in the burning of fossil fuels,more extensive agriculture and an increase in the world’s population.

The disruption of the earths climate equillibrium caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases has led to an increase in global average surface temperatures. This process is called the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect.

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So we have been looking into the topic of global warming this January though not in depth just in a manner that can be understood by anyone trying to understand the concept. To be honest,I come across so many people who use climate change and global warming interchangeably while the two are very different concepts. However we do understand that climate change would not come to exist without global warming.

Just like in everything else,there is the good and bad of global warming. In all honesty however,most times the media and scientific literature pays little attention to the possible benefits of the world of a warming climate because bad news attracts attention.The earth has ever been warm before and even warmer than it is now according to paleo-climatic evidence, the only reason why this time humans need to be cautious and alert is because we are the ones causing it unlike before when the earth would warm up naturally and the global warming was a natural process (do read our previous posts to understand this much better).

This will not be the last time we discuss about global warming,as we have more to deep dive into on this topic in the near future.

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The Earth’s temperature begins with the sun as the main source of heat energy.

30% of incoming sunlight to earth is reflected back to space by clouds and ice and other bright surfaces that incoming sunlight comes in contact with.The remaining 70% is absorbed by the land and ocean.

This makes the sea,rocks and air warm;this heat energy is later radiated from these.

When microscopic water or natural greenhouse gas molecules come into contact with the radiating energy from the earth’s surface they absorb the energy and behave in comparison to tiny heaters such as bricks in the fireplace they radiate heat even when the fire goes out.

Heat energy radiated back to earth heats both the lower atmosphere and the surface enhancing the heating the earth gets only from direct sunlight.

The absorption and radiation of heat by the atmosphere is what is termed to as THE NATURAL GREENHOUSE EFFECT.

The natural greenhouse effect is essential for maintaining life on earth,if the natural greenhouse effect didn’t exist the earth’s average surface temperature would be too chilly to support life. According to research if this phenomenon wasn’t there temperatures on earth would be -18°C/0° F.


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Each week we will post three posts comprising of three different topics: one on the beauty of nature,another on an interesting phenomena that leaves us in awe and lastly a quite serious topic about the environment.

On this weeks Beauty of Nature segment we look into one of nature’s gift to this world and that is sunsets.

There is nothing as enchanting as a beautiful sunset. For those of you in love with it as me you will be pleased to know that psychological research has found that watching sunsets can relieve stress and enhance lasting satisfaction in life. This phenomena is brought about by the setting of the sun to the west due to the earths rotation. In layman’s language one may seem to understand this in regards to a compass where the west and east are horizontal but in fact sunsets are experienced at different angles depending on the seasons ,it sets in the north west in some areas and south west in some and east to west in others.

Let us finish this with an interesting fact about sunsets: Did you know that sunsets are actually brighter and more beautiful after it rains? This is because the rain clears the sky and takes away a lot of the air pollutants thus making the golden hour “sun-downer” experience more enchanting.

There’s a lot to say about sunsets however for now this will be all we talk*(words in writing) about. So the next time you see a sunset take a picture or two and send it to our Instagram dm as we celebrate nature’s beauty together.


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