Howdy my reader,hope this post finds you well and if not just know it’s a bad day and not a bad life. Lol,it sounds so cliche but trust it makes sense.

So we have been looking into the topic of global warming this January though not in depth just in a manner that can be understood by anyone trying to understand the concept. To be honest,I come across so many people who use climate change and global warming interchangeably while the two are very different concepts. However we do understand that climate change would not come to exist without global warming.

Just like in everything else,there is the good and bad of global warming. In all honesty however,most times the media and scientific literature pays little attention to the possible benefits of the world of a warming climate because bad news attracts attention.The earth has ever been warm before and even warmer than it is now according to paleo-climatic evidence, the only reason why this time humans need to be cautious and alert is because we are the ones causing it unlike before when the earth would warm up naturally and the global warming was a natural process (do read our previous posts to understand this much better).

This will not be the last time we discuss about global warming,as we have more to deep dive into on this topic in the near future.

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