Each week we will post three posts comprising of three different topics: one on the beauty of nature,another on an interesting phenomena that leaves us in awe and lastly a quite serious topic about the environment.

On this weeks Beauty of Nature segment we look into one of nature’s gift to this world and that is sunsets.

There is nothing as enchanting as a beautiful sunset. For those of you in love with it as me you will be pleased to know that psychological research has found that watching sunsets can relieve stress and enhance lasting satisfaction in life. This phenomena is brought about by the setting of the sun to the west due to the earths rotation. In layman’s language one may seem to understand this in regards to a compass where the west and east are horizontal but in fact sunsets are experienced at different angles depending on the seasons ,it sets in the north west in some areas and south west in some and east to west in others.

Let us finish this with an interesting fact about sunsets: Did you know that sunsets are actually brighter and more beautiful after it rains? This is because the rain clears the sky and takes away a lot of the air pollutants thus making the golden hour “sun-downer” experience more enchanting.

There’s a lot to say about sunsets however for now this will be all we talk*(words in writing) about. So the next time you see a sunset take a picture or two and send it to our Instagram dm as we celebrate nature’s beauty together.


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Thank you for reading,I hope you stay.

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